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About Freemasonry

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization dedicated to Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Brotherly Love:   How a man chooses to practice his personal religious beliefs is left entirely up to him, but Freemasonry recognizes the strong bond which unites all people under One Creator. Our members include men from a wide range of religious backgrounds, but each of them shares a commitment to this important principle.

Relief:   Because of our strong bond of Brotherly Love, Masons provide Relief to help those who are in need. This includes the notion of charity, and Masons provide much assistance to worthy charities, but it also means offering a helping hand, in other ways, to people that need assistance.

Truth:   As Masons, we are committed to being honest and truthful with other people. The Masonic Fraternity teaches a man to be faithful to his responsibilities to God, his Country, his fellow man, his family and himself. The Masonic principle of Truth also teaches a man to search for wisdom and understanding, for only in this way can he grow and become a better person. The pursuit of knowledge is at the very heart of our purpose.

The Vision of Freemasonry in Massachusetts

Freemasonry in Massachusetts will be the outstanding fraternal organization for men. It will enhance and strengthen the character of the individual man by providing meaningful opportunities for fellowship, charity, education, and leadership.

These principles will guide the attainment of the Vision of Freemasonry in Massachusetts:

Freemasonry will promote the highest standards of honesty and integrity and the enhancement and strengthening of the character of its members.

Freemasonry will be open to all men of ethical and moral quality regardless of race, creed, or national origin who believe in a Supreme Being.

Freemasonry will promote and provide opportunities for involvement of its members in individual and organized charitable activities.

Freemasonry will promote and provide opportunities for education of its members and the community as a means of encouraging freedom, tolerance, and understanding.

Freemasonry will provide leadership opportunities and training for its members.

Freemasonry will meet the fellowship and fraternal needs of its members.

Freemasonry will strive to be viewed by the family as an outstanding organization. It will provide opportunities for family enrichment through programs of fellowship, discovery, learning, involvement and entertainment.

Freemasonry will strive to be viewed by the community as an outstanding organization. It will contribute to the community and the lives of its citizens by the active involvement of its lodges and its members.

Freemasonry will encourage its members to be active participants in their respective places of worship.