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2018 Photo Gallery

2017 Gallery

Spagetti Dinner

Spagetti Dinner II

Spagetti Dinner III

Spagetti Dinner IV

Spagetti Dinner V

Wor. Matthew Gero

Senior Warden in the West

Scott and Cody

Cody's EA Cake

Entered Apprentices


Master Masons

Master Masons Diploma

Newport Tower Visit

Newport Tower Visit (II)

Fraternal Visit

New District 14 Officers

Gary's Master Piece

New Pillars by Gary Trollope

New Pillars by Gary Trollope (II)

Lodge Chili Cookoff

Lodge Chili Cookoff (II)

Murder Mystery Dinner

New Master Masons 2017

Eighteen Past Masters 2017

Lodge Open House 2017

Lodge New Wooden Sign

2016 Gallery

Joseph Warren Statue Dedication

Joseph Warren Statue Dedication (II)

New 2016-2017 Officers Swearing-In

Chili Contest -- Gene Wixom Victorious

2015 Gallery

Greenhalgh Masons -- Father and Son

So Many Bottles and Cans (Parking Lot Fundraiser)

So Many Bottles and Cans in Woodward's Truck

Caleb Butler Highway Road Signs

2014 Gallery

2014 Boucher Honored as Past Master

2014 Cavanagh Initiated as Master

2014 New Officer Line

2014 New Officer Line (II)

Santa Pictures Fundraiser

Tri-Lodge Fellowcraft Degrees

2013 Gallery

2013 Town of Ayer Summer Parade

2012 Gallery

Rusty Thomas Honored

Strawberry Shortcake Prep

2011 Gallery

2011 Town of Ayer Summer Parade

2010 Gallery

Dan Taylor receives Joseph Warren Medal

2010 Caleb Butler Degrees

2009 Gallery

Lodge Meeting (May)

2009 Tri-Lodge Meeting (February)

2009 Caleb Butler Fellowcraft Degrees

2008 Gallery

Widows and Senior Brethren Holiday Luncheon

Children's Christmas Party

Lodge Dinner (November)

Room 20 Sheetrocking

Installation of Officers

Lodge Breakfast (February)

Sweetheart Banquet

Lodge of Instruction (February)

Lodge Meeting - 2nd Degree (February)

Lodge Breakfast (March)

H. Arnold Wilder - 75th Masonic Anniversary

2007 Gallery

Lodge of Instruction (June)

CHIP Event

Fellowship Dinner

Entered Apprentice Degree (Kilted Craft)

Fall Cleanup

Grand Master's Ball

New Tyler's Sword

Pilgrim Dedication

Shriner's Parade

Lodge Meeting (Nov)

Lodge Meeting (May)

Lodge Meeting (March)

Saint John's Sunday

2006 Gallery

Sweetheart Banquet

Miscellaneous Galleries

H. Arnold Wilder Birthday Celebrations

Three Generations of Daniel Taylor

Caleb Butler Breakfast in Newspaper

Building the Temple at Sculley Road

Seven Joseph Warren Medalists


Richard Van Doren 50-Year Medal 2017

Richard Van Doren 50-Year Medal 2017 (II)