“Our most dangerous tendency is to expect too much of government, and at the same time do for it too little. We

contemplate the immediate task of putting our public household in order. We need a rigid and yet sane economy,

combined with fiscal justice, and it must be attended by individual prudence and thrift, which are so essential to this

trying hour and reassuring for the future”

Warren G Harding (1865-1923)

Master’s Message

This month we welcome to the lodge R.W. Gregory T. Fulton, our DDGM, for a fraternal visit. As we are now able to have up 25
people in the lodge, I hope to see the Lodge filled to capacity to greet R.W. in Caleb Butler Style.

Coming this summer, we will be doing degree work on 5 Candidates, July 12th (2 candidates) July 19th (3 candidates). It will be
good to get back to making Masons.

We now have a Past Masters Patio, due to the hard work of many brothers, and spearheaded by our most recent Past Master
Wor. William Woodward. Thank you, Bill, for all your hard work and dedication the Craft and to the Lodge.

Continue to look after yourselves, your neighbors, and your brothers, we are all here together and in numbers is strength and
with strength we can overcome any obstacle

If you have any questions about the lodge or Freemasonry, or if you just want to chat, please reach out to me, my number is
508-397-5075 call or text.

May the Grand Architect of the Universe guide and protect you on your path to perfection at his right hand.

Wor. Thom P. Lebrun, Master