“Whatever the result may be, I shall carry to my grave the consciousness that I at least meant well for my country.”

James Buchanan (1791-1868)

Updated: 7/26/202

Caleb Butler Lodge meets

on the 2nd Monday of each month

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Master’s Corner

Brethren All,
And just like that another year is over and gone.

I want to thank all the Brethren, our wives, significant others, family, and friends for all the love and support this year. This wasn’t
an easy year, ups downs curves and loop dee loops, but we all made it though and even made a few masons along the way.

To my officers, you did a tremendous job, not only with ritual for the 1st and 3rd degree, killing it at District Exemplification,
but just being there, showing up and being a part of a crazy year. With zoom meetings, rehearsals, cancelations, the works, you
all stepped up and show me you are all true Masons.

Through all the hardship we still made 4 Masons this year, Brothers Omar Connor, Robert McGuire, Scott Wysk, and Nelson
Martins, Welcome to the Craft.

We saw a successful return to lodge with our annual Surf and Turf, it was so nice to see all the brethren at dinner.
We raised enough money to Refurbish the Lodge chairs and benches (well…one bench still to go).
Though controversial the lodge voted to repave the parking lot, beautifying the grounds of the lodge.

Through the efforts of Wor. William Woodward and many, many other brothers that helped him, the lodge now has an amazing
back patio, where we hope to have many a dinner and get together in the future. And had a delightful presentation of her piano skills

by Dr. Yoko Igarashi.

With all those high points we must also remember all the Brothers we lost this year; may they rest in Peace at the Right and of
the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

I am looking forward to an amazing new year with incoming Master Elect Brother Robert Lindberg, who will be installed Sep-
tember 25th. If you have a question about the lodge or freemasonry or just want to chat, please reach out to me, my number is 508-397-5075 call or text.

May the Grand Architect of the Universe guide and protect you on your path to perfection at his right hand.

Wor. Thom P. Lebrun, Master

Wor. Thom Lebrun