“Whatever the result may be, I shall carry to my grave the consciousness that I at least meant well for my country.”

James Buchanan (1791-1868)

Updated: 7/26/202

Caleb Butler Lodge meets

on the 2nd Monday of each month

Congratulations to our new Brothers!

Master’s Corner

Brethren All,

As we look forward to the summer, warm weather, vacations, and getaways. I hope we all get the time to rest , relax and refresh.
Caleb Butler Lodge will be going dark in August, but with 5 good men becoming Entered Apprentices, we will be very busy in July (12th and 19th).

With the Lodge now Fully Open I am looking forward to seeing many of you there, joining us in continuing the tradition of making Masons.

Last month we had the return of the Caleb Butler Lodge Surf and Turf dinner after our regular communication, it was wonderful so see
so many Brothers after so long a time. We finally were able to sit and talk and share a meal as brothers.

A big thank you to Wor. William Woodward and Bro. Jonathan Peckham for putting on a great dinner. With all the moving parts of a
regular meal and add in the ever-changing COVID guidelines, they did an amazing job. Also, a huge help, were, Brothers Joe Scott,
Ricardo Deang, Mike Pare, Stu Young and Worshipfuls Rusty Thomas and Rich Skoczylas for assisting in the kitchen, dining room,
and in picking up the meal.

At that meeting we were treated to the beautiful notes of Dr Yoko Igarashi, Concert Pianist for the Boston Ballet. Thank you to her for
bringing some class and refinement to our group of Masons. “Yoko Igarashi completed her Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Boston
University in Collaborative Piano, where she received a full scholarship. Prior to her study at Boston University, she earned her

Master of Arts degree in Piano Performance at The Frederic Chopin Academy in Warsaw, Poland, Master of Music degree in Piano Accompa-
nying at San Francisco Conservatory, and Graduate Diploma in Collaborative Piano at New England Conservatory. “

Lastly with the election of the new slate of officers, Brother Robert Lindberg will be taking the role of Worshipful Master in October. I
expect Rob to be a capable, dutiful, and most excellent Master for Caleb Butler Lodge, with his many years of experience in Masonry,
two years as District Deputy Grand Secretary to the 14th District, holding the position of AMA President these past two years, Lodge
Ritualist, and coordinator of Brotherhood nights, Rob will bring his enthusiasm for the Craft and Brotherhood to Caleb Butler Lodge.
Congratulations to Bro Lindberg, I wish him the best, and look forward to amazing year with him as our Master.

If you have a question about the lodge or Freemasonry or just want to chat, please reach out to me, my number is 508-397-5075 call or
May the Grand Architect of the Universe guide and protect you on your path to perfection at his right hand.

Wor. Thom P. Lebrun, Master

Wor. Thom Lebrun